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About Us

We are a Melbourne based creative agency with a wholehearted passion toward small business growth. We bring you a wealth of knowledge and we are here to assist you in kicking your digital content, social media and brand goals!

What we do

We offer personalised services and we are proud of our end to end brand and social media marketing skills. From building your brand to creating high quality social media content, we have a firm focus on meeting your business objectives.

What's in The Pakket?

Social Media

Why stress yourself over managing your socials, when you can hand them over to a team who lives for these channels? Our team can assist with everything from strategy and content creation to complete channel management.

Branding and Design

The Pakket offers a range of services inclusive of graphic design, branding and collateral. We can produce your entire visual identity. Our talented team can bring your brands vision to life with a custom logo, colour palette, font system and any supporting graphics you may require.

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